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Ladies and gentlemen,
with great pleasure, we announce our

Eighteenth Annual International Conference on Real Estate Development

which will be held October 9 and 10, 2023
at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel
The program of the Conference, in geographical terms, will , as always, consist of three intertwined circles – international, regional, and Croatian. In thematic terms, there are the five already standard topics of our Conferences – offices, retail, tourism, logistics, and housing. Along with this, the program consists of the topics of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, construction, and facility & property management.
ZagRE 2023 will be the kind of conference you (secretly) wanted from the first day, back in 2005. Exciting and dynamic networking in the magical Esplanade Zagreb Hotel and on the luxurious Oleander terrace. Relevant, attractive, appropriately dosed and harmoniously composed conference program. Gala Reception in the Smaragdna hall or on the Oleander terrace and finally, the Esplanade Štrukli Farewell Party. And all this in the discreet charm of the almost hundred years of eternally young Esplanade Zagreb Hotel.
The topics of green building, climate change, digitalization, building with wood, and heritage protection are also important and are an integral part of the Conference. Of course, there will be themes on RE-triathlon – development, financing & investment – the core theme of each real estate conference. In addition, this year we are preparing lot of the entirely new themes, such as different methods of property evaluation, application of AI in real estate industry, comparison of different types of investments – art, investment gold, real estate, shares and bonds, luxury living …
At the Conference, we will present a number of projects from various European and regional cities. By all means, we will also present a number of projects from Croatia and Zagreb – the host city where the Conference has been held for 18 years.
The format of the Conference program will be composed out of the cascade forms of the interactive communication with the audience:
  1. presentations of keynote speakers,
  2. masterclasses,
  3. panels with moderators and speakers,
  4. special panels by invitation only,
  5. dialogues between two speakers,
  6. networking of all Conference participants and speakers during all breaks, especially on the beautiful Oleander terrace, and
  7. gathering of all Conference participants at the traditional Gala Reception!
In case of nice weather, the Gala Reception on Monday, October 9, 2023, will be held on the Oleander terrace of the hotel. We, as always, do our best to prepare a first-class program for you. And we kindly invite you to fulfil application form and to come!
Did you so far experience romantic and magic days in Esplanade Hotel in autumn? Now it is the appropriate time to do it! You may expect very rich and relevant Conference program, great networking with the Croatian, regional and international Conference participants, elegant Gala Reception in the most elegant Croatian Esplanade Zagreb Hotel and, at the end, the traditional Farewell Party with famous Esplanade Štrukli!
It is still early to announce the complete program, but you have enough time to book time now and to send us your application form and so secure your place at the Conference.
Yours Andrija Filipović and Vladimir Filipović